We are a Water Treatment Expert and consultant company In Nigeria, our company offers varieties of service in the water system to provide safe and good drinkable water for Home use, companies, estates, industries, hospitals, institutions, and rural water. Our areas of expertise are site Inspection, water analysis, and report, water treatment plant and supply of equipment and installations.

Our goal is to help people like you remove existing components (visible and invisible) in the water and improving it for subsequent utilization. We intense and expertise on how to purify water to be used for drinking and good purpose. If you want to have the peace of mind, I will advise that you and your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbor gets clean treated water to drink or use.

We are into water Treatment Plant/Water Purification System/Reverse Osmosis Water Filter. Our Mission is to provide portable and clean water for our clients.

Water is Life so drink Clean Water.

clean water is poured into a glass from the tap

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Tel: +2348030961649, +2347013282736
Email: waterexpertng@gmail.com, info@WaterTreatmentExpert.com.ng

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